Saturday, July 5, 2008

How young is too young?

So we've moved into our house. Jack loves the freedom he has with the addition square footage. And we love that we have "freedom" from Jack with the ability to keep an eye/ear on him.

So I'm getting dinner ready and Eric is on the computer in the office and Jack is driving his tractor in circles around the house. Suddenly it's quiet. Eric comes into the kitchen and starts laughing. Apparently we had just left TBS on tv and Sex and the City had come on but none of us were paying attention. Well, except for Jack.

There was my two year old, leaning on the coffee table, popping grapes in his mouth like they were bon-bons, totally absorbed in the episode of Sex and the City.

*Note - no one in this house had seen a single episode until today. But Jack's a fan now.

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