Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Badge of honor? Seriously?

As I enter week 35 of this pregnancy, and as Grace continues to drop lower and lower I have discovered something that I dreaded. Stretch marks. Blasted stretch marks.

I managed to get through all 39 weeks of pregnancy with Jack without a single stretch mark on my abdomen. How? Probably because I allowed myself to become the size of a small whale while pregnant with Jack. I guess growing all over prevents stretch marks on your belly because the weight is everywhere instead of all in front.

This time, however, I decided to be more healthy, more active and NOT gain as much weight. My reward? Back pain, belly pain, and stretch marks.

"They" say that getting stretch marks during pregnancy should be like wearing a badge of honor.

I say Bull. These suckers don't go away.

I don't care how superficial it sounds. I guess I'll throw out all my bikinis.

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