Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dinner at moms

We had dinner at moms. Prime rib... Mmmmmm. Otherwise, no occasion, just family getting together.

But I got some great pictures.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bows Bows Bows

I found the CUTEST bows for Gracie. The designer was brilliant and designed headbands that have a little loop on them so that you can clip different bows on, making all the bows interchangeable on the headbands and when she has hair I can just use them in her hair.

Of all the ones I purchased I quickly found my favorite and put it on Gracie to model. My little model was so cooperative and didn't mind in the least that she had a headband on.

Here's our pretty girl...

Old soul?

We’ve always joked that Jack had an old soul. He never got consumed in all the kiddie stuff. Sure, he had his favorites… Teletubbies, Seseme Street and such but he always gravitated back to “older” things… Night Court, Smokey and the Bandit, Hogan’s Hero’s, AFV.

This isn’t any different with his music choices either. In fact, other than the CD that my mom used to play for him he’s never listened to “kiddie music”. His preferences: Elvis (top choice), E.L.O, Enya, the sound track to Oh Brother Where Art Thou, and he loves anything with a good beat that I find on the radio. He’s never turned down a Green Day song.

But is just really sunk in one day when I realized that he’s memorizing the lyrics to so many of his favorite songs! He knows ALL of the lyrics, and he’s 3 years old.

He knows ALL of the lyrics to:
"Can't help falling in love" (Elvis)
"You were always on my mind" (Elvis)
"A little less conversation" (Elvis)
"Good Luck Charm" (Elvis)
"Return To Sender" (Elvis)
"She's Not You" (Elvis)
"Way Down" (Elvis)
"It's now or never" (Elvis)
"Don't Bring Me Down" (E.L.O.)
"Roll Over Beethoven" (E.L.O.)
"You are my Sunshine" (Oh Brother Where art Thou soundtrack) - all the lyrics, not just the chorus!
"Down to the River and Pray" (Oh Brother Where art Thou soundtrack)
"I am a man of constant sorrow" (Oh Brother Where art Thou soundtrack)

And he’s so smart that when he hears a new song that he decides he likes he “teaches” himself the lyrics by repeating them after the line is finished. Makes for an interesting little echo in the car but I’m just so impressed with the way he’s taught himself to so that.

That’s my boy!
Oh, and as far as the love of Elvis goes… That’s Eric’s boy!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Open auditions?

Anyone know of any Kiss auditions? I think I have a little person that wants to try out.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Anyone up for some jumping? I feel like we bought the jumperoo too late for Jack. Not sure what we were waiting for... oh wait, a larger house with more room to put these ginormous toys, but he really loved it until he got to big for it.

We decided to start Gracie off a little sooner. Why not, we have it already, right?

The first day (1/11/09) she had NO idea what to do with it. She tolerated it for our sake for about 5 minutes and then cried to get out. Honestly, I think she was more interested in the brightly colored cloth straps that connect the legs on the sides.

Just 6 days later she not only had the concept of how to jump but she was LOVING it. Here's my bouncy little baby:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nom Nom Nom

Jack was never a big eater. I think we've touched on this subject before. So I know what that's like. Gracie, on the other hand, seems to enjoy her meals. So lets add solid food!

"Hey, what's this?"

"Um, ok, that was interesting."

"Hey, this isn't so bad, gimme some more!"

"Nom Nom Nom"

"Would it help if I brought my face to the spoon?"

"Wait a moment mother, I need to wipe my face."

"Oh, Daddy can feed me too?"

"I'm done."

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gracie is 4 months old!

You'll have to forgive the lack of pictures and the fact that I didn't have the energy to take any really good pictures of her... I've been sick.

But here's my little puddin', a whole 4 months old already!