Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do we have a mad pruner in our midst?

Eric's parents bought us a cute little hibiscus tree when we moved into the house. I put it out front between the front door and the garage. Well, it lost a few leaves from being transplanted and in a new kind of light, but no big deal. After a week or so it stopped loosing any leaves and it still looked half decent. Well, maybe another week passed and I caught a glimpse of it and it seemed more sparse than I remembered. I went to take a look and sure enough on the back of the tree there were branches missing! How strange. I thought first that it was animals but the cut was perfect, like it was cut. Eric suggested that maybe he hit it somehow with the weedwacker but then the branches would have been on the ground.

But I dismissed it as just being strange.

Then on Saturday I took a look at it again and MORE branches are missing! Cut off perfectly like with clippers or something. My poor little hibiscus tree looks so pathetic!

What an odd thing to happen.

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