Friday, November 4, 2005

Jack is Born!!!

Jack is born! 7 lbs 2 oz and he looks just like his father!

I can be proud of myself, I delivered him unmedicated and rather quickly. I had my fist contraction Thursday afternoon (1:00ish), we were at the hospital by 5:00am on Friday, started pushing right around 11:30 am and he was here by 11:57am, November 4, 2005!

~ Jack was born November 4, 2005 at 11:57 am. ~
~ I wasn't due until November 9 ~
~ I weighed 7 lbs 2oz and was 19 inches long. ~
~ I had a small amount of hair ~
~ And I was born naturally - no drugs! ~

~ My name may be Jonathan, but please call me Jack ~
~ My middle name comes from Daddy's PopPop who passed away before I was born. ~
~ Natale means "Christmas" in Italian ~
~ I look just like Daddy from the nose up ~
~ But my mouth and smile are just like Mommy's ~