Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day


We got snow.

Of course it's March now and we all have spring fever. But that's ok because Jack and Grace got to wear their snow suits at least once and I didn't have to eat the cost of them. Seriously. Since when is it March before a kid needs to wear a pair of snow boots and snow pants in Pennsylvania? I remember having snow storm after snow storm to go sledding when I was younger.

And of course it snowed on a Monday. Couldn't have snowed on a Saturday or Sunday so that we could play all weekend, right? No, of course not. Instead I RUSHED home from work so that I could go get the kids, get them bundled up and get outside before it got dark.

But it's all good because we got to go out. Gracie had no idea what was going on but went along with it anyway. I mean, what choice does she have? Of course I guess she could have complained but she didn't let out a peep. Good girl. Jack, now Jack was beside himself excited to go play in the snow. I was wondering it he would balk at needing to put on special pants and special boots and special gloves but he didn't question me once. Well, there was one quick correction when he thought he had to take his regular pants off to put the snow pants on. *giggle*

So out we trundled as a family. Got a couple quick pictures with Gracie to prove that she did, in fact, receive the most adorable snow suit from Nana and then we proceeded to try to teach Jack how to make snow angels.

Now, had we gotten the snow on the weekend I would have been dressed to play and would have physically shown him how to make a snow angel. However, it snowed on Monday so Eric and I were wearing our work clothes still. We really don't need to be laying down in the snow in our work clothes. So we tried to teach him while we were standing up.

"Jack, lay down in the snow."

"HUH?" as he looks at us like we each just grew an extra head

"Lay down in the snow."


"It's ok honey, just lay down."

So he lays down. Now, here comes the funny part.

"Jack, now put your arms up over your head."
"No honey, not towards the sky, up over your head."
"That's right, now swing them down and back up."
"No honey, not towards the sky, up over your head, look at mommy do it."

It continues like that for a few minutes. Eric and I laughing the entire time because we know how confusing it must all sound. But he gets it! And he loves it! He must have made 5 or 6 snow angels in the short amount of time we were outside.

Eric took Gracie in so that she wouldn't become the cutest popsicle ever and I stayed outside with Jack. He had such a blast just running in the snow and making his foot prints, then randomly laying down and making another snow angel, then grabing a handful of snow and putting it on my. Yes, putting it on me. I think he meant to "throw" it but would just walk up to me and hit it against my leg. Too funny.

All in all it was a blast and I'm so glad that he got to do it at least once this season. I'm sorry that he didn't get to go sledding at all but I guess I'll just have to be satisfied that he'll just love it that much more next year.

Those are some rosy cheeks!

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