Sunday, March 1, 2009

Half a year? Can it be? Gracie is 6 months old!

I can't believe it. Everyone says that time flies when you have a baby. And it does. I remember this very clearly from when Jack was just a baby too. But I'll tell you what. Time REALLY flies when you have a baby and a 3 year old. I really don't know where the time went. I thought I was just in the hospital. I thought it was just Halloween. I thought we just had Jack's birthday party. Wasn't it just Christmas? Didn't I just take her 5-month pictures a couple days ago?


So here's my sweet little girl. Just as "go with the flow" as she's ever been. Need to run out? Take Gracie, she won't care. Need to help Daddy give Jack a bath because he's (Jack, not Eric) flipping out over something even though Gracie is already bathed and ready for bed? No problem. Need to prop her on your hip so that you can make dinner and entertain Jack all at the same time? Ok. No biggie.

She's so wonderful. She makes me smile just thinking about her.

So, what can Gracie do now that she's a seasoned 6-month old? Let's see.

* Rolling from back to front and front to back.

* Can sit forward from a reclined position, like her high chair or swing.

* Can sit propped up in front of her musical toy. She's good at sitting if she has something to partially lean on.

* She can blow raspberries.

* She can stick her tongue out like a madman.

* She can hum and sing with the best of them.

* She can hold all spit-up in until Eric picks her up or takes her from me. No, seriously. It's become quite the joke in our house. I can feed Gracie, burp her, be carrying her around, doing things with her on my hip. The MOMENT Eric takes her she spits up. Every time. I kid you not.

* She sleeps through the night.

* She eats two whole containers of baby food at dinner.

* She'll practically bite your hand if you don't get those pears in her mouth fast enough.

* She gets MAD when dinner is over.

* She puts herself to sleep. I can lay her in bed almost fully awake and she'll just cuddle into her blanket, pop her thumb in her mouth and go to sleep.

* She is highly amused by her brother.

* She can drool with the best of them.

* She's a champ at getting her feet in her mouth.

* She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

* She WALKS in her walker.

* She can suck down 6 oz from a bottle in seconds flat. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration but you get my point.

* She love having her feet "eaten" but she especially prefers when it's Daddy doing the eating.

* She thinks it's hilarious when Jack lays his head on her tummy.

* She is MESMERIZED by the cats. She's stop whatever she's doing, including eating, if one walks into her line of sight.

Now, on to some pictures. I know you know they were coming.

Since 6 months is more of an occasion than some of the other "month-birthdays" I decided to go a little more out on this one and make her 6 month pics really special. Oh, we'll be doing real portraits really soon, but I HAVE to take her picture on her actual month-birthday myself.

Please note the extreme amount of love oozing from that tu-tu. Yes, that's right, I made it for her. She, of course, was more interested in eating it.

Now, let me explain that one. Doing my "thing"... I set up a mini studio in our kitchen in front of the sliding glass door to let in all the light. I have the blanket all set up, the sun is pouring in, I sit on the floor with my camera ready, I tell Eric to lay her down. This is how he laid her in front of me. Really. So I quick took a picture then looked at him sideways and asked him to lay her so that I could actually SEE her face. LOL.

Uh oh. Not happy.

But Daddy came to the rescue!

It's important to note the arm slung over one side of the chair and the foot propped up on the other side.

This is exhibit A for the "daddy eating her feet" game.


*pause for nap and outfit change*


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