Saturday, March 28, 2009


Made a trip down to Leah's house to help her organize her loft/spare room. Took Gracie with me. She's slightly more containable than Jack if we want to get work done.

We did get some organizing done. Not quite as much as I think we intended. After all, we have Gracie to play with! And any work that needs to be done can be done while she's sleeping.

Oh, wanna know why I called this post "AFV"? It stands for America's Funniest Home Video's. I've had a couple suggestions that I send this little tidbit of Gracie in. What do you all think? I know for a fact that Nana thinks this is endlessly funny and has watched it at least 50 times.

Here's my little moaner. She tends to moan when she's tired.

Besides the moaning she was being quite the clown.

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