Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twenty-Five things

There was a recent craze sweeping through Facebook where everyone was writing 25 things about themselves. I never bothered. Off the top of my head I just couldn't even think of more than a handful of interesting facts about myself. My dad and my sister told me "it's easier than you think, once you get started it just starts pouring out." Yeah right. I'm just too boring I think.

Well, I was reading my dad's blog, thoroughly enjoying reading little tidbits about his past when I came across his blog entry for 25 things. I guess he copied it over from Facebook. For some odd reason I decided to give it a try this time. So I opened a blank email and started typing.

Here's what I came up with. I still think I'm boring but hey, that's me, right?

1. I’ve been crocheting since I was very young. 8? 10? And my grandmother had to teach me because my mom is left handed.

2. I’m a procrastinator. Plain and simple. But I’m good at disguising it.

3. In an odd twist from #2, I HATE being late anywhere. I MUST be early. Must. Which makes life very interesting with 2 kids that don’t have a sense of urgency.

4. Not only do I crochet but I cross stitch, I can sew when necessary and I love baking. I used to LOVE painting ceramics.

5. I am a computer programmer because my father knew that’s what I was good at. I was so indecisive in college that I needed that helping hand.

6. I guess those 2 previous things make me pretty left-brained.

7. I love to organize things. Give me a messy closet and some money for supplies and I’ll have that space organized and beautiful and functional.

8. I am addicted to taking pictures. I was recently at a wedding where twin 4 year old girls were in the bridal party and had the most adorable dresses. At one point during the reception they sat on the floor in front of me and started playing patty cake. I took their picture.

9. I hate drinking water. Hate it. But I do it anyway.

10. I have made friends with 20 amazing women online just because we all have children born in November 2005. I’ve only met a handful of them but I depend on them because they really are my friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

11. I have trouble making friends in real life. Always have. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Am I a bitch?

12. I truly am addicted to Facebook. I know people joke about that all the time but I really am.

13. My sister is probably my best friend next to my husband.

14. Just like my father, my cursive writing is so bad that I print everything. And my signature is a joke, ask any of my family.

15. I like having mice as pets. I don’t see why people think the tail is so gross.

16. I’ve also had a rat as a pet.

17. I have 3 cats. Phoebe, Melissa and Danny Boy. All with human names because they are family in our house.

18. I have a cat with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Let me tell you, that’s a joy.

19. My first car was a 1982 4-door Buick Skylark… in orange. This was in 1993. I called it my orange juice box.

20. I inherited my ability to consume large amounts of alcohol from my father.

21. I enjoy cooking. I’m enjoying it more as I get older and I’m less afraid to try to do things. The cooking thing was definitely inherited from my mom. Nothing is ever made from a box in my moms house.

22. I graduated college in 1999 and I’ve been at the same job since 2000.

23. I made the YUMMIEST cashew pork the other night.

24. I miss going to Disney World every couple of years.

25. I’m finished after having 2 kids.

26. I love my son Jack and my daughter Grace more than anything in this world.

27. Eric and I love to go to Gettysburg and ensconce ourselves in the Civil War.

28. We plan one day to be Civil War re-enactors. I even have a dress and Eric has most of a uniform.

29. I miss doing puzzles. Between having cats that like to play with the pieces and having no time because of the kids it just isn’t a possibility anymore.

30. I prefer to drive. I think I might have inherited that from my dad too!

31. I love roller coasters. Love them. Is it the adrenaline? I actually made Eric take a week off of work and we drove to Ohio so that I could ride the tallest roller coaster in the U.S.

Ok ok, so maybe I was able to come up with a few more than 25 things.

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Rich Kleylein said...

I'm glad you did this and I'm glad you did it here instead of Facebook because there it will be lost in the shuffle, but HERE! Here it is and here it can stay. When Jack and Grace are older, they can come and read it.

And look, once you got started, you couldn't stop. Well done.