Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guess what Gracie has enough hair to do now!

It’s finally happened. She has just barely enough hair that I can play with it. It was Sunday afternoon, Jack was napping and Eric says out of nowhere “You should do something with Gracie’s hair.” OK! How convenient that I had bought some baby hair bands a few weeks ago at Walmart. So I get the brush, a couple hair bands and the most easy going baby in the world and Viola! She has a volcano.

For those of you that aren’t in my immediate family, a volcano is a single ponytail on a young girls head… directly on top of their head. You know, “volcano-ing” out of the top of their head. Here’s a visual aid.

That of course then turned into two pigtails.

Oh how I can’t wait until there is just a little more hair, making this easier to do. But she was such a trooper… she didn’t care in the least! She just continued to play in her exersaucer completely ignoring what I was doing. I think Eric even made some sort of comment about her being like a puppy… you can do whatever you want to her and she never complains. My poor, poor puppy. Just wait until she has more hair and it’s warm enough outside that I don’t have to put a hat on her head.

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