Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gracie, Gracie, and more Gracie

The kids naps don’t overlap anymore. Gracie has graduated from taking 3 naps to taking 2. And with Jack taking one nap it seems that someone is always sleeping in our house now. Gracie naps from 10 to 12, Jack naps from 12 (sort of) to 3 and Gracie naps again from 2 to 4. This is going to prove interesting for making trips out of the house, but one thing that is working out nicely is that we’re getting some one-on-one time with Gracie. Poor Gracie, she’s already so accustomed to a life of Jack in her face. Any time we play with her or talk to her or try to take pictures of her it’s like a magic trick. Let’s see how long it takes for Jack to show up. I love my son. Love him dearly. But goodness, I’d love to have just a little bit of time to enjoy my daughter at this age as I got to enjoy him at this age.

Here’s a sampling of what it’s like to take pictures of Gracie when Jack is home and not napping.

I'll freely admit that occasionally I catch them just right and get a cute picture of them together. But my, I don't think I can count how many pictures I've deleted of the back of Jack's head. LOL.

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