Monday, November 10, 2008

*sigh* Back at work

Well, it's finally time. I had to go back to work.

I definitely wasn't ready this time. Gracie is such a good and easy baby (but don't get me wrong, she has her moments!) and I've really been having a good time being home with her. Not to mention that mom would come up a couple times a week and I could still get stuff done around the house or do some running around. I think I'm really going to miss bath time the most. I would give Gracie her bath some time in the morning and it was quiet and peaceful in the house and she would just stare up at me with the most adorable little smile. Now bath time is going to have to be in the evening, squeezed in some time between dinner ending, cleaning up the dishes, chasing Jack around the house and getting her to bed at a decent hour because she's exhausted from her day at daycare. Just not the pleasant experience that it was. Not quite sure why I'm focusing on the bath but I am, and I'm going to miss it.

I sent Gracie to daycare for the Thursday and Friday before I went back to work so that we both could adjust while I was still at home. That way I was close in case she needed me during the day and I could be at home to get the emotions out. I guess it worked. I was one miserable little puppy on Thursday. I just missed her so much. Good grief, I'm getting myself all worked up just writing about it.

My first work day went pretty smooth too. Everyone has been complimenting me on how I look (which is encouraging to someone that just had a baby!!) and the people that were supporting my systems are ecstatic to have me back. Poor Cheryl gave me the biggest hug and is so happy to hand back the work. I can't blame her.

The evening was a bit hectic getting home with the kids and trying to get dinner made and feed Grace and contain Jack all within a fairly small amount of time. I'm not entirely sure that will get easier but I'm sure I'll get more used to it.

But I digress. Guess I should get back to work.

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Bridget said...

Awww! I hope it's a smooth transition... I know that 5p-8p is insane in our house... don't bother calling b/c I have no time to talk. It's go, go, go.... It gets better eventually, right? ;)