Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jack's birthday bash

And is was a bash! He made out like a bandit. More quality than quantity this year which is perfectly fine with us! This kid has too many toys than he knows what to do with.

I chose an afternoon party this time instead of a morning party so that it was easier on our guests. It's tough working around naps! We tried to get Jack down for an early nap so that he could be awake before everyone showed up but that just didn't happen. He tired to go to sleep but kept telling us that he was awake. We did eventually get him to sleep, just not as early as I wanted. Once we got Jack and Grace both asleep Eric and I went to go get the food, cake and balloons... all 3 dozen of them! Mental note, my car easily fits 3 dozen balloons and there was room for more. Maybe next year will be 4 dozen!

So people start showing up and Jack wakes up from his nap. Now, my poor kid is a slow waker. He really prefers to sit on the sofa with Daddy for a little while and watch tv and drink some milk to wake up. Poor thing didn't have that chance! He wasn't exactly pleased that so many people were in the house when he woke up.

But once he saw all the balloons all over the house he perked up. Of course he wasn't having any of my decorating with the balloons... he had to have them ALL!! And he didn't care who he bowled over when he was walking by them with all those balloons!!

Once it was time for presents and cake the fun really started. Let's see, some of his favorite gifts are his tricycle (from Mommy and Daddy), his Dinosaur book (from Aunt Leah), his tent (from Nana and Grandpa), his helicopter (from Uncle Mike), and the car carrier semi truck (from Aunt Chris). He got a lot of wonderful gift beyond those and has honestly played with them all!

Cake was fun. Since he had had us sing to him and let him blow out candles on his actual birthday he knew just what to do and was so excited. We all stood around him and sang and he was so excited to blow those candles out that he did it before we finished singing and I had to re-light them!

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