Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hello, Hide-a-key? I need about 8.

OMG! Jack locked me out of the house last night. I had just gotten home with both kids and my hands were full with them so I left all my bags in the car. I got Grace settled in the swing and Jack was running around so I went back out to the garage to get my bags. Jack came running up behind me like he wanted to come out too but I told him no and closed the door. Little bugger locked it on me!!! I didn’t hear him do it so I went walking back to the door with my arms full and I about had a heart attack when I couldn’t get in the house. I banged on the door yelling Jack’s name and I could hear him come running and I told him to unlock the door. Thank goodness he did. But the poor kid, when I opened the door he had a huge smile on his face because he was so proud of himself. He was totally unprepared for the trouble he was in. I was yelling and hollering and picked him up and put him on the chair in the living room. He started crying for his binky but there was no way he was getting it. Oy, it was awful.

Now I need to go get a few spare keys to hide outside somewhere. Not sure where though since our house still has hardly any landscaping!


Leah said...

don't you usually just kick the door in when locked out (or in)????? :-D

Anonymous said...

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