Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jack IS a Superhero

I think the title speaks for itself. Jack is a superhero.

Jack got to the age that all little boys eventually get to where he would tie a blanket around his neck and proclaim that he is a superhero. I'm sure watching The Incredibles had nothing to do with this whatsoever.

So what does any good mom do that has a superhero for a boy with a birthday coming up? Why that mom asks a friend to make Jack a cape. Fortunately this friend had made a couple capes for her boys so she knew what to do and I knew what it would look like. I was beyond excited to give it to him.

Just a small interjection here... what is it about a cape? When I got the package in the mail with the cape in it the first thing I did was put it on. Yup, that's right. Then when Jack opened his birthday present he immediately put it on (normal) but when he took it off then Eric put it on. There's just something about a cape.

Ok, back to Jack.

Jack was so excited to get his cape. I mean excited. And what do superheros do but fly around, right? That was the point of the party where we all took turns flying Jack around. Any idea how heavy a 4 year old is when you hold him straight out on your arms and fly him around? No? Well, lets just say it's a good thing I've been working out.

After all the party guests were gone was when the superhero got really creative. That's when he made a song about himself. Please pay no mind to the small girl wandering through the background lifting her dress.

But above all of this I have one favorite SuperJack moment so far. The day after his party it had hit nap time. So we got Jack upstairs (wearing his cape) and asked him to go potty. So what does SuperJack do? He walks up to the potty, puts his hands on his hips and using the deepest voice he's able proclaims "SuperJack, ready to pee."


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