Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One month already!

I can't believe that Gracie is one month old already. Really. I feels like I just came home with her.

She's been such a great baby. Generally laid back, cries only when something is really wrong. Of course, that all increased a week or so ago when she turned colicky. But I think that we've found something to work for us. I'm now giving her Mylicon (removes gas bubbles) with each feeding and we're swaddling her during her "colic hours". It seems to be working, yesterday we got through the evening with NO colic crying and she slept for 5 HOURS!!!!! Let me repeat that in case you think you read it wrong... that was 5 HOURS!!! I can't tell you the thrilled feeling I had when she woke up at 2am to eat. I *almost* felt rested! And today she's actually napping normally again. No more wiggling awake in the middle of her naps with a bad gas bubble.

So we had her one month checkup at the doctor yesterday. She is 10 lbs 1 oz. I think that deserves being repeated too... that was 10 lbs 1 oz. She's only a month old. Jack didn't weigh that much until he was 3 months old! I'm so not used to having a child with fat rolls either. Her legs have fat rolls, her arms have fat rolls, she has an extra chin and even her fingers are chubby! Jack never had an ounce of fat on him. Actually, come to think of it, he still doesn't. Little bugger.

The doctor was also thrilled with her development. When she put her on her tummy to see what she'd do she was picking her head up (a little) and moving her arms and legs as if she wanted to move around. Dr. Tsoi just laughed at her and told her she'd have to wait a little for that. And she was also impressed when I told her that she's tried 3 times now to roll over. Granted, I doubt it's a consious (did I spell that right?) effort but she did it none the less.

Here's a few pics of my chubby little girl on her one month birthday.

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