Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bath time!

Jack is such a great big brother. Ignore the fact that he's still too young to care about being quiet while she's sleeping and he's just great. No, really, he just loves her. We've taught him that she has to be awake for him to give her hugs and kisses otherwise he would give them to her constantly, whether it woke her up or not. He calls her "baby girl" and is always asking to hold her on the sofa. He even tries to put toys and rattles in her hand.

So, with all this in mind you can only imagine how excited he was when it was time to give Grace a bath! I quickly had to give him the task of "rinsing" her tummy with the cup. Otherwise I'm not sure what he would have tried to do. :-) He was so good at it. He even helped me rinse out the tub and run fresh water when she decided to poop during her bath. Yes poop. Not once, but twice. But we got her clean with a lot of help from Jack!

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