Saturday, August 16, 2008

"I like to mow"

That's my boy! Always the little helper. Now that we have a lawn Jack is adjusting to the fact that mommy and daddy need to go out to do yard work. He wasn't quite sure what to think the very first time Eric started the lawn mower but it was all good. The next time he wanted to follow Eric around with his wagon in tow. That's when Mommy had a brilliant idea. Didn't he get a toy mower for Easter!?!

So down to the basement we go to find the box with the lawn mower in it. Thanks to my last surviving brain cell I actually remembered where it was! How's that for a miracle. I can't remember what I went into the kitchen to get but I can remember what plain brown box I packed his toy lawnmower in over a month ago.

What followed was the cutest thing I ever saw. He was THRILLED to be mowing with Daddy. He didn't care how hot it got, how dirty he got (well, he IS a boy) or anything. He was his father's shadow. When they took a break to drink some water Jack realized that Eric was wearing work gloves and declared "I need gloves!" Thank goodness I know my son well enough that I bought him a pair the same time I bought them for Eric and myself. He was so proud.

So now it's a weekly thing. On the weekends he just walks around saying "I like to mow" or "I mow with daddy"

Oh, and as a side note, please pay no attention to the patchy, weed-riddled lawn that the previous owner left us. We'll be working on that this fall.

(note the work gloves!)

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