Friday, August 22, 2008

Goodbye for now coworkers

Finally! It's the end of my last day at work. And it couldn't have happened any sooner. I walked into work this morning hoping for a nice, stress-free day to just glide through and leave early. That isn't quite what I got. I got a note on my desk from our CIO to have something done by the end of the day and I had a ton of email for emergencies that needed to be fixed.


So I didn't get to go out to lunch, I didn't get to take it easy. But I did get it all done, amidst all the the inquiries as to why I was still at work. Everyone was trying to kick me out! But it's all done now, I couldn't have left with dumping it on someone else's lap, that just isn't right. So I was able to leave with a clear conscience!

Seriously, it shouldn't be this deep, I guess it was just weighing on me.

That and I'm all depressed because today is the last day at daycare for 3 of Jack's closest friends. They all start kindergarten next week. I just feel bad because Jack thrives on being around the older kids but now he's going to be the oldest one there (by a few months, but still). I just know he'll miss them and I feel bad.

This poor kid has had so much changed for him lately. New house, potty training, losing friends at school, and now there's a new baby coming. Oofa.

But I digress.

Here's a couple pictures of me (and Eric) at 38 weeks. Oh, and one of Jack making his new favorite face. Thanks for teaching him that Eric.

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