Wednesday, April 16, 2008

But Mom, I'm SO tired

Jack was too cute last night. It was finally warm enough that they could go outside at daycare yesterday so Jack got to run around and play all afternoon. Then when we got home he wanted to go out again so Eric took him out and Jack just literally ran for 10 minutes solid. They came back in and Jack wanted to get a bunch of toys out but since the realtor was coming to take pictures we asked him to watch the movie Cars instead. So Eric and Jack snuggle in on the sofa, I’m getting dinner ready, the realtor shows up and when I look over at Eric and Jack, Jack is passed out cold! And I mean unconscious! I walked all over the house with Sheila to take the pictures and all that was left was the living room so I picked Jack up, he didn’t wake up. Carried him into the kitchen so that Sheila could take the pictures and he didn’t wake up. When she was finished I laid him back down on the sofa, he didn’t wake up. It was hysterical! After Sheila left and it was time to eat I told Eric to wake Jack up but all I hear is Eric laughing. Jack would NOT wake up so Eric started doing funny stuff to his face. You bet I ran for my camera. We’re such horrible parents!!!

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debbie said...

That is too hilarious!!! So unlike Jack to not wake when picked up - a milestone!!!