Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jack's First Haircut

And boy did he need it!

We all loved his curls but it was just getting too long and too unruly and his hair just couldn't be managed anymore. So we broke down and got his hair cut. We had been putting it off for so long because we've heard nightmare stories of kids crying and screaming through getting their hair cut and we just didn't know how Jack would do.

But guess what... he did GREAT!!! We let him keep his binky because we figured it would keep him calm and we had him sit on daddy's lap for security. He never whimpered, cried, moaned, nothing! The only time he flinched a little was when she bent down his ear to cut the hair behind.

And for being such a good boy we decided to reward him and got him to aquarium cars to go with his Thomas trains.

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