Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall Fest

What could be better in the fall? Cool weather, hay rides, corn maze, and pumpkins!!!

The little farmers market buy us has a free fall fest every year. We only had to pay for the hay ride, which might I add was Jack's FAVORITE part.

When he saw the tractor that pulled the hay ride he got very excited and made each of us take turns posing in front of it to have our picture taken (silly boy!).

He was so perfectly content to ride next to daddy on the hay ride. It was like he was really in his element. We tried to get him to sit with Nana and myself to get a picture but that lasted for about 30 seconds. He's definitely a daddy's boy.

When the hay ride was finished it led us into a corn maze. Jack led us through it, with a few wrong turns of course. :-)

It emptied us out into the pumpkin patch where a little grasshopper hitched a ride on Jack's sleeve. He didn't see it or he would have been very excited to see the "bug".

This is where my camera battery started to run out!!! Why does this happen at all the places that I want to take a lot of pictures! I need to look into getting a backup battery. I was able to get only a few pictures of Jack with pumpkins and such.

They had one of those big bouncy thingys for the kids and Jack was interested, even wanted us to take his shoes off but once it was time to get it he was too scared. I think if one of us had been able to get in too he would have enjoyed it but he didn't want to do it on his own.

Overall I think that Jack really enjoyed himself, with just a few tantrums here and there because there was so much going on. And boy was he angry when it was time to go home!

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lrkpitt2006 said...

what a beautiful day you had! I'm so sad I missed it for a second year in a row...well, next year I will not be in school so will have so much more free time!