Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thomas the Train

Jack got to meet Thomas the Train!!

He just loves his little train (a.k.a. Woo Woo Toot Toot) at home so I thought it would be nice to take him to a local train that was hosting A Day out with Thomas. He loved it! As soon as he got there he was pointing and calling out "Woo Woo Toot Toot!"

I tell you this kid has no fear when it comes to crowds and he was just charging ahead trying to see everything. He kept getting angry at us when we would try to have him hold our hand or if we wanted to hold him to keep him contained. But once he saw Thomas pulling up he was all smiles and kept calling out "Thomas!"

We were able to get our picture while Thomas was at the station and then we went to stand in line for our turn. Let me just say, standing in line is not one of Jack's strong points. We became quite cranky, wanted to run around, and I think he was a little warm too because we were standing in the sun. He would only let Eric hold him and was crying and screaming until we broke down and gave him the silly binky. I really didn't want to give it to him but I didn't like disturbing everyone in the line with his crying either. When we got on the train he was quite content to sit with Eric and look out the window. Pointing out the cows and corn.

We went home right after the train ride and Jack passed out in the car pretty quickly. It was a really nice trip.

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