Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleep. Glorious Sleep!

I had forgotten how wonderful it was... to be able to sleep the whole night through. I can't really complain too much about Grace because overall she's been a great sleeper. Since about 2 months old she was averaging only one wakeup a night to eat. Not bad! But lately she was getting progressively worse! What happened? Was she sick? Was she teething? Was she hungry? Nope. Nope. And Nope. She just didn't want to be swaddled anymore! I was so scared not to swaddle her because I was afraid of her waking herself up all night with her hands in her face but after talking to Miss Linda (daycare) yesterday I decided to bite the bullet. Miss Linda hasn't been swaddling her for a little while now. Turns out that's just what Grace wanted. I zipper her up in a sleep sack for warmth since she wouldn't have the swaddling and nursed her to sleep. You'll never guess what happened. Never. Ok, well maybe you will. She slept ALL night! 10 1/2 hours to be precise. And that's with me waking her this morning to get her ready for daycare.

Well, I guess I lied, I did hear her wake a couple times but she put herself back to sleep. That's my good girl! But I mean she didn't even want to eat last night! Really, I can't describe to you the shear pleasure of staying in my own bed all night and not falling asleep in that damned rocking chair and waking up 2 hours later with my head bent forward and not being able to move my neck. Nope, sure didn't miss that last night.

But there is one downside to all of this. I discovered how it is that she soothes herself. She has found her thumb. Yup, she had it plopped right in her mouth this morning. I had orthodontic bills flash before my eyes. But hey, I'm getting sleep before I start paying all those bills, right?

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Bridget said...

Neither of my kids were fond of the swaddle. ??? Logan tolerated it better than Libby... but Libby was just like Miss Grace... let her loose and she slept like a doll!
Hope she keeps it up for you!!!