Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jack graduated...

... to a big boy bed! And he LOVES it.

I had mentioned to him several weeks ago that we were soon going to get him a big boy bed and that his crib was going to go away. He promptly said "NO." So I didn't push the subject, I would just mention it occasionally. Well we needed to get it done soon because we didn't want to be changing anything like that too close to the move and we don't want to do it too close to Grace being born (we don't want him to resent that Grace "stole" his crib) so it was finally time.

We took Jack to the mattress store and told him that we were going to buy him a big boy bed. He loved trying out all the different beds in the store. We got the mattress home and then took him to Target to shop for a bedding set. We picked out a bedding set and said that it was all his, picked out a pillow and said it was all for him. We would hand him the items and he would put them in the back of the shopping cart! So we got home and told him that it was going to be the last night in the crib and that tomorrow we were going to take the crib apart and put his big boy bed together.

So Sunday comes and we get to work. Jack is thrilled! He even grabbed a wrench out of the toolbox and "helped" Eric take the crib apart. And I tell ya, we couldn't get that bed together fast enough. And the moment, that absolute moment that the sheets and comforter were on the bed he crawled in and told Eric to tuck him in. It was a hit!

He slept all night in his big boy bed with no problems!!

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