Friday, March 21, 2008

The Easter Bunny

I took Jack to the mall, fully expecting him to have no interest it meeting the Easter Bunny, let alone having his picture taken. So we get to the mall and he's pushing his stroller around (forget about sitting in it anymore) and we pass where the Easter Bunny is so I pick him up to see over the other people. He was mesmerized! But I still didn't think he'd be interested so I told him that we could keep walking now. That's when he proclaims "NO! No Walk, See Easter Bunny!" So I said OK but we'll have to wait in line and you'll have to wait your turn. He said ok! I still didn't know how this was going to go because my kid has no patience. I can't remember a single thing that he's ever waited patiently for. But we get in line and he's a perfect angel. He stands still, moves up a little when I tell him, goes to smell the flowers in the display. At some point a lady gets in line behind us (she worked there) and tells us that we are the last people in line because the Bunny needs to take a break. Poor Bunny had been sitting up there since 10:00 am and it was now almost 4:30! So it's finally our turn and Jack runs up to the Bunny, runs back to me, smiles at the Bunny, waves at the Bunny. I had to finally tell him that if he wanted to sit with the Bunny he had to hurry up because the Bunny wanted to go on a break! So he finally walks up the the Bunny and gets up on his lap, decided he didn't want to be on his lap so slid down onto the bench next to the bunny and we got the funniest picture. Funny to me anyway because as excited as he was to meet the Bunny he is dead serious in the picture!

(picture to follow shortly)

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