Thursday, June 1, 2006

Sitting and feeding himself

Jack has learned how to sit. He doesn't know how to "sit up" yet, but when we put him in the sitting postion he can do it really well. This past weekend he would do it for a few seconds at a time before falling over, but yesterday he just made up his mind that he would sit... and he did! In the morning he sat for 8 minutes before finally falling over. And he knows to put his hand out to catch himself if he goes off balance! We have such a brilliant boy!

Last night he fed himself a piece of cereal for the first time. Over the weekend I had given him two pieces of cheerios, but I had to put them in his mouth for him. Last night we put some gerber veggie puffs on his tray and he went right for them! He did have a little trouble getting them in his mouth, so he'll have to work on his coordination, but he did get one of them in!

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